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Coach Murphy on Racing

  • Technique, Technique, Technique: Swim correctly 1st, then swim fast!! Smooth, then fast

  • Streamline on all starts & turns before starting the stroking part of the swim!

  • Limit breathing on short freestyle races. (25’s might be three breaths or less!)

  • Stay on your back all the way to the wall on all backstroke races! (if you roll to your side or front you will be disqualified)

  • Touch with two hands on all Fly and Breast races! (if you touch with one hand on Fly or Breast you will be disqualified)

  • “RACE” to the finish on all swims! (many swimmers slow down at the wall, Tigershark swimmers swim their fastest at the finish, many races are won or lost in the last 8 yards of the race, FINISH FAST!)

  • Cheer for your teammates ALL the time! (all swimmers swim faster when their teammates cheer for them)

  • Be “humble” if you win, and be a “good sport” if you lose! (improving your own times is more important than how you finish)

  • Encourage the swimmers on the other teams! (of course you try to beat them, but always congratulate them on their effort)

  • Have FUN! (being w/friends is fun, mastering skills is fun, work is fun & racing is fun)

HAVE FUN !!!!!

Coach Kevin Murphy
Timarron Tigersharks
Southlake Carroll HS Head Swim Coach

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