Tigershark Team Party

Tigersharks and Parents,

Remember, tonight from 5:30-7:30 pm is our End of Season Tigershark Team Party at the Timarron Bent Creek Pool.

We will have pizza and cake to eat and each family is responsible for their own cold drinks, water, etc.

*If you have not received your Tigersharks Team t-shirt, we will have those for you to pick up at the pool tonight.

**If you wish to purchase additional Tigershark Team t-shirts, we have quite a large number of them available (2019 blue, 2020 light green, and our current 2021 gray t-shirt) They will be on sale two for $5.00 if anyone is interested.

Again, Parents, please be sure to bring "change" (pennies, pickles, dimes and quarters) so the kids will have plenty of coins to dive for in their own age groups.  Also, each swimmer should have their own plastic baggie to keep their coin treasures they get off the bottom of the pool!

See you at the pool,

Coach Murphy

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