Meet #3 Timeline reminder

For those that are attending their 1st Meet or for those that may need a reminder of the Meet schedule:

Meet #3

Arrive at Carroll Aquatic Center at 1:30 pm

Have your last name written in permanent marker on your shoulder

Tigershark Parent Volunteers see Coach Murphy's wife, Patti, in the lobby for your Age Group packet and heat sheets.

 Age Group volunteers will mark your relays, events, heats and lanes on your arm in our Team area under the upstairs bleachers

Age Group Volunteers will use the Heat Sheet to make sure all the relay members are present, together after warm-up, and make any substitutions

Warm-up begins at 2:00 pm and ends before 2:30 pm

Meet begins with relays at 2:45 pm

Meet should conclude by 4:30 or 4:45 pm

Coach Murphy will be the starter, so the meet should run smoothly.

Only our Team Age Group volunteers will be allowed on deck during the meet.

See you at 1:30 pm 

Coach Murphy

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