Meet #1

Tigersharks and Parents,

Nice Meet #1 today.  A little rough at the beginning with the fire alarm and the beginning of the meet with the shy and quiet starters, and the confusion lining the kids up for their early events.

***Everyone recovered nicely as we got past the relays and the early races.

We enjoyed seeing the kids race and know that we (the coaches) have work to do on breast and fly strokes, starts and turns, and breathing to the side with the 6 & under swimmers.

So, here is our Meet Plan going forward

1.  We greatly appreciated the help from our volunteer parents getting the events marked on the swimmers and getting them organized for the relays.  All of the event markings should take place between 1:30 and 1:50 pm, before we begin warm-up at 2:00 pm..   Great job getting the kids organized for the relays.  Our Age Group parent volunteers will continue to help with  those jobs.  It is a very valuable help for our Team and coaches.

2.  Coach Murphy will continue on as the official "Starter" for our Meets.  The kids responded well and we were able to get rolling with the races, without the kids missing their events.

3.  Moving forward, after the relays are set up, the parent volunteers are welcome to help "corral and organize" the swimmers in their Team areas, but the coaching staffs of all three Teams will meet the responsibility of lining them up on the ready bench for their individual races, like we did during the last 3/4's of the meet today.  Coach Wallace will continue to be in the ready bench area to oversee the coaching staffs as they get the swimmers lined up.  Coach Ausdenmoore will continue right behind the start area for all the 25 yard races for the 10&under swimmers.

4.  As the official starter, Coach Murphy will do his best to make sure that ALL the relay teams and ALL the swimmers have the best chance to get lined up and ready for their assigned lanes and races.   Our goal is to make sure EVERYONE gets to swim their events!

5.  Meet entries for Meet #2 are due by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, June 22nd. Hover over "Swim Meets" and follow the instructions to get entered.  If you have difficulties, contact Coach Rachael Ausdenmoore at Rachael.Ausdenmoore@southlakecarroll.edu for help or to ask entry questions.

6.  Coach Murphy will be setting up our Tigershark relays on Tuesday afternoon before each meet.  If your swimmer is entered in Meet #2, it is likely that they would be assigned to a relay, so be sure to "show-up" ready to race a relay if you are listed to swim a relay on the heat sheet.

7.  We hope to have the Ribbons organized and ready to pass out on Friday morning.

We will see you at practices and remember, this Friday is "Friday Fun Day" for all of our 12 & under swimmers, with some snacks after their practices.

***This Friday is our first Time Trail Day for all of our 13 & over swimmers in the two "early" practices.  We intend to race 50 meter free and 50 meter back this Friday morning.

See you at the pool,

Coach Murphy

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